3 essential tips for your Facebook security

If you think that having a password that nobody knows is the only option that you need to feel comfortable on Facebook, you need to know you’re taking risks that you can’t even imagine and soon you may regret not to having paid more attention to online security. We often talk about security on Facebook, so here I’ll get you three new safety tips. These tips are very important if you care about your online-safety.

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1. Disposable password
When you log into Facebook from a public computer or an unsafe locations (example at school, in the library, airport, etc..) your password may not be safe and that’s why Facebook has added an option that allows you to receive a disposable password.

It’s a password that only works for 20 minutes, and then allows you to stay safe even if someone could steal it. How do I apply? Just send a message from your mobile phone associated with your account (from here). The message must be sent with this text: “otp” (which stands for one time password) and must be sent to these numbers depending on your mobile carrier (visit this list).

Immediately after sending the SMS (which costs the same as an ordinary SMS) you’ll receive a reply with your disposable password.

2. Block applications
If you’ve added applications to your account but now you would like to remove and prevent those from accessing data on your account, all you need to do is to block them.

The process is quite simple: go to your account settings, the adapter block (here) and scroll down to “block apps“, write the name of the application that you want to block, And it will no longer have access to your data or send you any notifications.


3. Hide contents from timeline
hide-from-timeline-facebookIf someone has posted something on your news feed (or tagged you in a content) and you want to remove the content, visit your timeline, find the content you want to remove, find the arrow at the top of the right and go for “Hide from the timeline.”
For the posts in your news feed you can also choose to delete the contents or control who can see it.

BONUS TIP: Visit your activity log to get the full list of the last performed activities from your account in chronological order. For every information you can check the level of visibility and choose whatever you want to hide the from the timeline.