How to block a website with Firefox

When we are working but we have a PC connected to Internet, is way impossible  to resist to not surf on the web! So, watch a funny video on YouTube, chat with your friends on Facebook, you end up wasting a lot of time!

If this happens to you too, we have an only way to solve the problem: block websites! But, do you know how to do it? If no, let’s see together in this article how you can block a website with Firefox!  I know it may seems a really drastic solution, but trust me, this is the only way!


If you want an advice on how to block a website on Firefox to avoid distractions , open this page from your browser Mozilla Addons and click on Add to Firefox first, and then click on Install now and Restart Now to install on your PC LeechBlock , a free extension that allows you to block a list of sites within Firefox according to the rules very easy to configure.

When the installation is complete (the program will restart), let’s go to the Firefox menu > Tools> LeechBlock > Options of your browser and type in the window that opens , the addresses of websites you want to block. Just enter one of it in the field that lies beneath the words Enter the domain names of the sites to block and click on the OK button to save the settings.

Passing in the tab What to block, you have the option to set the days of the week and the times at which to enforce the blocking of sites. You have to put a check mark next to the names of days to enforce the ban in the lower part of the window ( Mon, Tue , Wed, etc. .) and enter the start and end time of the block in the Enter the time periods Within Which These sites to block . Use the format hhmm – hhmm with the single hyphen to separate the two times (example, 0900-1700 to block sites from 09.00 to 17.00 ), or click on the button All day to enforce the blockade throughout the day .


After you have blocked a website with Firefox, trying to access you’ll see a warning with the LeechBlock logo in the center and below a message that advises the inability to display the page until the expiration of the ban.

To avoid falling into temptation and too easily modify the settings of LeechBlock (or prevent access to other users ) , you can protect the configuration panel of the add -on with a password. To do this, go to the Firefox menu > Tools> LeechBlock > Options and select the Access tab control. Then select the item Require the user to enter a password in the Access Options drop-down menu and type in the keyword with which to ” lock down ” the extension in the text field below.

In addition, by going into the Advanced section of the list of sites to block ( you can set up  a maximum of 6 sites using the tabs Block Set 1 Block Set 2, etc. . ) you can inhibit the changes to the preferences of LeechBlock when there are prohibitions in place . Just put a check mark next to the item Prevent access to options for this block set all times When These sites are blocked and click OK to save the changes . That’s it!