GUIDE: how to turn on NOW Web WhatsApp for iPhone – Cydia


If you are waiting for WhatsApp releases the Web version of its messaging client for iPhone, know that if you run the jailbreak of iOS 8 and have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, you can already use the web version of the famous client since now. In this article we will explain how. If […]

Recover deleted photos Android

Recover deleted photos Android

Were doing a little ‘cleaning between photos taken with your Android phone and, by mistake, you have also deleted some shots that you had to keep? Do not despair, there may be still a chance to recover. If the portion of memory that were saved your images has not been overwritten with other data, you […]

WhatsApp Web, chat arrives on your Computer

WhatsApp Web, chat arrives on your Computer

After many rumors, finally the announcement: the most popular messaging app in the world also works on PC and Mac. But you must always a smartphone and the iPhone for now is not compatible WhatsApp arrived on computers. He had already spoken to December with the discovery, within the code of the latest version of […]

WhatsApp Web: how to make the page “Windows application”


After the boom of news on WhatsApp, today we want to come back suggesting how to turn the page of WhatsApp in a sort of application for your PC. The transaction does not require any special knowledge, is totally supported officially and improves even the experience of using the program from your PC. This is […]

How do the fisheye effect with Photoshop

How do the fisheye effect with Photoshop

Fish eye literally means ‘fish eye’ but in photography this term refers to that particular type of photo that lets you see enclosed in a hemisphere views of at least 180 °, exactly as if it were a fish eye in the seabed. All this is possible because the goal makes all curves, straight lines […]

How to better protect your computer


Protecting you and those around you. Your computer is not just a machine. This is the tool that you keep your personal data and data from third parties (family, relatives, friends) Just because your computer is owned by you, it’s good for your safety (and that of those around you) that you know how to […]

How to gift WhatsApp to a friend

How to gift Whatsapp to friend

Now so do the walls: after the first 12 months in which the application can be used at no cost, WhatsApp requires the payment of a small annual subscription fee which amounts to 0.99 $. What does not know is that the subscription to the service may also be made on behalf of others. This […]

How to Cancel an Order on Amazon

cancelled order on amazon

After ordering a smartphone on Amazon you realized that he had chosen the wrong color? You ordered the birthday gift for a friend on Amazon but only after confirming the order you realized that the delivery will be done in time? Do not despair. If the goods purchased on Amazon is still in the process […]

Protect your Website from DOS attacks

how to protect your website - DOS attack

A DoS (Denial of Service), has the goal of making it unusable a particular service listening on the web flooding it with requests fictitious, any services exposed on the internet that provides network services based on TCP / IP, and subject to the potential risk of attacks (D) DoS. The difference between DoS and DDoS […]

Cancel Skype Account

How delete Skype account

Did you realize that it is now for months that no longer use Skype and would like to cancel your account from the service? The procedure for deleting the profile of Skype – perhaps as you will have noticed – not as simple as that of other online services, such as Facebook, but just follow […]