How to change DNS on Mac

How to change DNS on Mac

After reading my guide on how to change DNS, you were able to speed up your Internet connection on your old PC. But now you’re switched to Mac and you don’t know how to accomplish the same task on the computer from Apple. How to change DNS on Mac ? No problem, I am here just for that! If you want to discover how to change DNS on a Mac, you don’t have to do is follow the instructions which I am going to give you and in […]

How to earn Bitcoin

bitcoin logo

The Bitcoin (BTC) are digital coins, or rather a criptovaluta, and just like the euro or dollars can be used for the sale of goods and services. You’ll surely heard on the Internet, in newspapers or on TV. How to earn a Bitcoin?But what distinguishes them from traditional currencies? Everything, I guess. First of all, […]

How YouTube Pays Video?

Monetize Youtube

YouTube is one of the most important in the world of online entertainment. Now also in Italy some YouTuber have reached high levels of popularity, almost comparable to those of the stars of television, and users often wonder how to be financially supported their work online. The questions that are most frequently made are those relating […]

How to Create a Free Blog


Are you looking for an easy and instant way to share your passions and your knowledge with others? Do you love writing and you think that one day could become your job? There is no doubt, you need to start a blog and start writing about everything that interests you. How you say? Not a […]

How to find Facebook ID

how to find id facebook

Perhaps not everyone knows that, but Facebook assigns an identification code to each of its users, and each page is created within its network. Provides ie to apply a sort of “label” to recognize people and pages in a precise manner. This code is called very commonly ID, and even if you do not need […]

How Does PayPal to….

PayPal Logo

PayPal is a service created to simplify payments on the Internet. It enables individuals and businesses to transfer money online without giving your credit card number or contact details of the bank account. To use it, simply log on to its website and open an account. At no cost and without restrictions on deposit. At […]

How to send Anonymous email

anonymus email

Want to make a joke to your friends by sending them e-mails anonymous? Do you want to disguise your email address and send messages on behalf of a celebrity or the boss? One need not be secret agents or hackers to succeed. How to send anonymous email? Today I want to illustration how to send anonymous […]

How to delete Qone8


Qone8 is a malware that modifies the home page and default search engine in the browser to redirect the user to websites full of advertisements and links fraudulent. It is installed on the PC after downloading software from unreliable sites and unfortunately it is quite difficult to remove. This fortunately does not mean that you have to […]

Minecraft: How to play it for free

Play MInecraft for free

If you wanna learn how to play Minecraft for free, this is the right website for you! In this post i will show you how to play Minecraft for free with our tricks. Come on now, let’s play! Minecraft for FREE… Let’s Play! Here you are, you’ve finally being convinced to try out Minecraft, well but […]