How to log out from Facebook safely

facebook-entry exit

Even if the title of this article may seem trivial, you might find some interesting information. I won’t dwell on the simple procedure to log out of Facebook  even if this may sound a little bit complicated on some devices. Instead I will explain the system that regulates active sessions on Facebook, the system that allows you to […]

How to create custom Facebook covers


The cover image is the most important image on the timeline. It’s the first visual element that gets noticed (along with the profile picture) when you visit a timeline or a page on Facebook. For this reason it is the most important thing to customize and make unique. The Rules of Facebook in this regard […]

How to see pending friend requests that you sent


When you send a friend request on Facebook, you have to wait until the other person agrees to the request to virtually “formalize” the friendship on Facebook. In the meantime, you receive public updates from that person, if he has activated the follow button; if the person accepts your request joins your list of friends, […]

How to disable chat on Facebook


The times when we used Facebook only from the computer (or from one computer) are over: we connected to the site using the chat and when the connection timed out we logged out to tell everyone that we were no longer online. Now things are a little different: with mobile phones, tablets and computers being […]

How to use the new emoticons on Facebook


Facebook has launched new smiles and emoticons, they’re called emoji and you can enter them on any kind of post: status updates, photos, videos, links and comments. You can really have fun with them, there is something for all tastes, from simple smiley faces to some objects, nature’s images, animals, food, body parts or hearts. […]

How to change the color of your Facebook


Yesterday we tould you about an extension for Google Chrome that allowed you to change the color of Facebook. That extension, still widespread, however, is only available for the Chrome browser, and today we announce a new extension available for the major browsers that allows you to change the default color blue Facebook. The extension […]

How to hide a new friendship on Facebook

hide facebook friends

Did you receive a friend request and you do not want / can not accept it because you want to make it known to one or more of your friends? You do not want to let someone know that you made ​​friends with a person? Or, you sent a friend request and now you’re afraid […]

How to steal passwords on Facebook

steal facebook passwords

Hacking (computer jargon term that can be translated as “take control”), a Facebook account is not a simple thing. Facebook does not use a public framework and consequently all the traditional techniques of hacking are useless. Behind Facebook there is also one of the best centers for the security on the web, which employs hundreds of […]

How to change Facebook color


Have you ever wanted to change your Facebook color? If you are tired of the usual Facebook blue and want to add a touch of style to your Facebook in this article I will explain how you can change the colors on Facebook. You choose which color schemes and you can either change the color of […]