3 essential tips for your Facebook security


If you think that having a password that nobody knows is the only option that you need to feel comfortable on Facebook, you need to know you’re taking risks that you can’t even imagine and soon you may regret not to having paid more attention to online security. We often talk about security on Facebook, […]

Facebook Hashtags: what you need to know


Since one year, Facebook introduced the hashtags, a feature that allows you to tag any post by a keyword preceded by this sign # (#inthisway). Many people had doubts after they tried the function, especially about the privacy of these posts , doubts that we will try to clarify just now. First we can actually […]

How to change username on Facebook


Did you know that the Facebook profiles and pages have a unique address (custom URL) to be easily reached and found by the other users? I’m talking about the username, created by Facebook to personalize profiles and pages, it clearly makes them easily identifiable, either by directly accessing specific URL that you are looking for […]

How to delete your Facebook profile from Google


Did you look for your name on Google (or another search engine) and you found the link to your Facebook profile? Nothing alarming, it’s a Facebook’s esclusive feature that’s automatically enabled on all profiles, but luckily it can be turned off in a few clicks. Let me explain first what it is. Facebook is a […]

How to see your sent friend requests on Facebook


Have you forgotten to whom you sent a friend request on Facebook? Would you like to cancel all requests? Nothing could be simpler. Facebook has finally made ​​available to anyone the list and there’s no longer need to use tricks or special applications. Although the previous tricks are still functioning (with an application or using […]