How YouTube Pays Video?

Monetize Youtube

YouTube is one of the most important in the world of online entertainment. Now also in Italy some YouTuber have reached high levels of popularity, almost comparable to those of the stars of television, and users often wonder how to be financially supported their work online. The questions that are most frequently made are those relating […]

Play YouTube videos in background


YouTube is one of the biggest store online for audio as well as video content. Why do you think it become so popular? The answer is pretty easy! YouTube supports almost all the platforms available: all the mobile OS platform as well as PC platforms are supported for YouTube playback. But there’s something more! All the audio […]

How to edit a video online


You posted a video on YouTube, after inspections do you realize that there are some scenes that you’d like to cut but you have no intention to change the movie and upload it back online? Would you like to apply some special effects and songs in the background? Don’t worry, you can do everything online. […]

How to get many likes on YouTube


Did you decide to open a YouTube channel to express your opinions and want to have as much audience as possible in a short time? There are no magic steps for these things, but you can follow some practical tips that will definitely help you increase your popularity on Google branded video portal. If you […]

How to upload a video on Youtube from your iPhone


Did you shot some video with your iPhone, you’d love to share them by posting them on YouTube, but you don’t know how to do it? Just relax, take a few of free minutes and learn how to do it by reading the guide in this article and following the instructions step by step! You’ll […]

Extract pictures from a YouTube video


Would you like to extract a frame from the latest music video from your favorite artist or the climactic scene of a movie? If the videos are hosted on YouTube, you can succeed in an incredibly easy and fast way. All you need to do is to follow the steps that I am going to […]