WhatsApp Web, chat arrives on your Computer

WhatsApp Web, chat arrives on your Computer

After many rumors, finally the announcement: the most popular messaging app in the world also works on PC and Mac. But you must always a smartphone and the iPhone for now is not compatible WhatsApp arrived on computers. He had already spoken to December with the discovery, within the code of the latest version of […]

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview and Installation Guide 


At the event dedicated to enterprise, organized for September 30, 2014, Microsoft gave a taste of what will be Windows 10. At the same time announced the availability of the download of the ISO Technical Preview of Windows 10, which is the version preview of the next operating system whose release is scheduled for the […]

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

PRESENTATION of the new operating system Windows 10 was dyed unexpectedly magic. When Alex Kipman, the visionary creator of Kinect, took the stage, to many it seemed to review Steve Jobs announcing a “one more thing”. Holographic Windows and Microsoft HoloLens have caught everyone off guard, so that we still have to understand what we […]

WhatsApp Web: how to make the page “Windows application”


After the boom of news on WhatsApp, today we want to come back suggesting how to turn the page of WhatsApp in a sort of application for your PC. The transaction does not require any special knowledge, is totally supported officially and improves even the experience of using the program from your PC. This is […]

How to install Whatsapp on PCs


Whatsapp for PC You often communicate via Whatsapp with your friend, suppose that now you want to do it even by using your personal computer. Don’t be afraid there’s no need to be a geek to do that, actually it is very easy. Unfortunately there is still no official client that allows to do it, […]

How to gift WhatsApp to a friend

How to gift Whatsapp to friend

Now so do the walls: after the first 12 months in which the application can be used at no cost, WhatsApp requires the payment of a small annual subscription fee which amounts to 0.99 $. What does not know is that the subscription to the service may also be made on behalf of others. This […]

How to unzip a file with iPad

How to unzip a file with iPad

Mail, the email client developed by Apple, in more recent versions of iOS also acquired the ability to view the files in ZIP archives. This means that if you want to receive the documents zipped and consult them directly to your iPad, you can do it without problems by simply pressing on their icon. The […]

How to disable the double blue check in WhatsApp  

how delete double blue check in Whatsapp

WhatsApp has recently introduced the double blue check to indicate the message has been read and in addition to all this, he also manages to report the time of each message has been read. At the moment only iMessage allows you to decide whether to send a read receipt or not. WhatsApp On the other […]