How to lock a website on Android


Have you ever given your phone to a friend? Have you ever desired to lock certain website on your phone, so your friend isn’t able to view it? If you got an android device you can do it. If you want to know in details, how , take five minutes of free time and read the […]

How to watch movies on Android


If you’re spending the weekend out and want to make the trip more relaxing and less boring, or you just want to load a few movies on your Android smartphone or tablet but you have completely no idea how to put them into your device, surely, that would be a very good idea to follow this step-to-step guide. […]

The best browser for Android devices

The best antivirus for android device

There are lots of things we want to see in a mobile browser, things such his cloaks speeds, his interface and his friendly-usability, so let’s see together if anyone of the many browser available on Play store can finally fits our needs. Below there’s a list of some of the most comprehensive browser for Android […]

How to delete history on mobile


Do you often leave your friends using your smartphone to surf on the Web? Don’t want they know the list of sites you’ve visited? No problem, you only have to delete the history on your mobile! If you don’t know how to do it, let’s read the simple steps that I’m going to tell you […]

How to block a number on Android


Even if you declined their offers, do you continue to receive calls from companies that offer you the purchase of any kind of product or service? If you have an Android smartphone, there are a really great couple solutions for you! I am referring to the formidable free apps that allow you to create “black […]

How to clean cache on Android


Even on Android applications generate temporary data. Taken individually, these data do not take up much space, but if you use a smartphone equipped with little storage capacity and install many apps on it, that’s when the cache begins to take on a considerable size. With the guide of today, I explain how to clear […]

How to save battery on Android


Are you happy with your new Android smartphone, except for the fact that its battery almost never gets to the evening? Would you like to earn a few hours of battery life for your phone but you do not know how to do it? I can help you for sure. In this article, I’ll talk […]

How to log out from Facebook if you lost your mobile phone


If you have lost your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any type of phone) and you want to log out from Facebook before who stole your mobile look for your stuff on your Facebook, you do not need to change the password, thanks to a new security setting you can disconnect your account from any mobile phone […]

Read Facebook message without seen notification on iPhone and Android


One of the most popular tricks for Facebook is the one that allows you to read messages without notifying the sender. As you all know, Facebook informs the sender of hour and minute when the recipient opens and reads the message , sending the notification so-called ” seen” , very annoying if you do not […]

How to download music with iPhone


In addition to being a good phone and an extraordinary tool for online communication, the iPhone can also be exploited as a convenient music player. Would you like to know how to download good music on it without going through the PC? With this article I want you to find out how to download music […]