How to make Google Chrome faster


Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the market today, one of the fastest when loading web pages, but that does not mean it’s perfect. With a few tips you can make it a more convenient and faster browsing experience with the browser from Google, and I’ll tell you how to do today. […]

Install Skype on Linux


You’ve just installed Linux on your computer and are you looking for valid programs that can replace the ones you used usually on Windows? Well, but why replace them all? By now many applications have a Linux version that works as (and sometimes better) than for Windows or Mac. Skype it’s a clear example. The famous […]

How to set your initial page on Google Chrome


This morning you opened Google Chrome and instead of the usual home page, the one with previews of all your most visited sites, and links to the applications installed in your browser, you have found an unknown website? Evidently you have installed a program that contained inside some promotional items, including changes in the browser’s […]

How to format your PC


A computer format will erase all data stored in its hard drive to reinstall the operating system from scratch, programs and support software for devices such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc…with this article, I will try to clear up a bit your ideas explaining how to format your computer quickly and easily. Before formatting the […]

How to surf anonumously on Google Chrome


You are a person who cares about privacy. You’ve chosen Google Chrome as the default browser for its convenient incognito mode, which lets you surf the web without leaving a trace on the PC, but now you want something more advanced. Would you like to surf online without being identified or tracked by anyone? You […]

How to turn off a PC with a timer


You’re not the one to leave your PC on when you go out with your friends, but maybe you should do something to reduce the power consumption of the computer and never leave it on. What do you think about a timer to automatically turn off the computer when you’re not there? Using the free […]

How to encrypt a password


Remembering all the passwords you use every day to access Internet sites, forums and social networks is not easy. For this reason you need to write them, but you must do it in a safe place, such as the encrypted database offered by LockCrypt. LockCrypt is a free program for Windows, Mac OS X and […]

How to save a document in PDF


Do you need to send a web page or a document to your colleague but you do not know how to export them to PDF format, so as to make them more comfortable to see? Do not worry, all that you need is a small software called doPDF. DoPDF is a free program for Windows […]

How to reduce file size


Even if the hard drives are becoming bigger and bigger and external drives cost less, it is always good to keep under control the amount of data for backup. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to offer you a guide on how to reduce the size of a file with some of the […]

How to print labels


Do you need to print labels for some parcels to be sent or any binders that you have in the office, but you do not want to spend money to buy a printer ad hoc? Not a problem. If you have a Windows PC and a few sheets of adhesive paper, you can get your […]