How to clear your search history on Facebook

Not many of you know that Facebook records all the searches you perform on the search bar at the top of the social network. You got it right, whatever you are looking for on Facebook is saved in a history list, accessible from the activity log. The activity log is a feature available only from the profile so no one can refer to it unless he has got your password (read about how to steal passwords on Facebook).

On this article I will talk about this feature and I’ll explain how to delete with a few clicks all searches performed.

 How to delete searches from the activity log


Each profile (and every page) on Facebook has enabled a feature called Activity Log, which, as the name records all actions performed from your account on Facebook. Among these are also stored in the research carried out by the search bar at the top of the website (research by phone or tablet, or from Facebook applications are not currently saved).

You can access to the activity log from the link provided at the bottom right on the cover of your timeline, click here to go straight.

From the bar to the right you can filter the results shown on the register. In our caseactivity-log we are interested in display applications made; look under “Search” on the side menu, alternatively click here.

I repeat: no one besides you can see your activity log and then no one besides you can consult this list, but you may need to delete one or all of the research carried out. To delete a search:

Click on 269672196396014_1512111525 close to the voice related to the history and click on ” Remove”… in this way your research will be deleted from your search history.


If you want to clear the entire list of research activities from the register please click on the Clear button in the top right. So it will delete all searches performed from your account permanently.