How to connect Facebook with Skype

Today we talk about how to connect Facebook with another internet service: Skype. The most popular free VoIP software and instant messaging has been acquired by Microsoft, that has decided to integrate it as much as possible with its partner Facebook.

Since the latest version Skype can be connected with Facebook in order to be able to video call online friends on Facebook directly from the software, or even just to chat with them. Skype also shows the Facebook homepage news and allows you to comment or click like.

To enable these functions, just connect your Skype account with the Facebook account, it is a simple procedure, explained step by step on this article.


How to connect Skype with Facebook

Once you have downloaded Skype and logging in to the account, to connect the Skype account with the Facebook profile just select the “Facebook” from the menu Contacts -> Contact Lists.


From the left column in the program you can connect to Facebook using the Skype application.


After authorizing the app you will find a new welcome screen (home) on skype similar to the news section of Facebook. You can scroll through the post just like on Facebook, click like or comment.  To click I like click on the heart, to comment click on the cloud.

From the box at the top of the screen you can also publish content that will be shared with friends on Skype and with friends on Facebook (if you have checked the box “Publish on Facebook”).

The Facebook contacts are in addition to those of Skype. You can still order them (from the menu on the left) so as not to create confusion.


If you send a message to a Facebook contact from Skype he will receive this as a normal chat message. You can chat with him or better you can do a video call.


You can also check the availability / visibility for your Facebook friends, being offline (hidden, invisible) or with the same Skype status.