How to cut a photo online

Do you need to cut some pictures to post on Facebook or Twitter? Are you not an expert in software for photo editing? For such a simple operation there is no need to use Photoshop, GIMP or advanced software of this kind. Just use the convenient free online services.

There are so many, all very simple to use and that work on all browsers without installing any software on your PC. I’m going to recommend you a couple of the most intuitive and easy to use.

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If you want to discover how to cut a picture online, the first service that you should try is Cut My Pic, which allows you to cut any photo in a few clicks and apply various effects to them. To use it, connect to its home page and first click on the button Browse/Choose File and then GO to select the image to be cut.

On the page that opens, use the mouse to mark the area of the picture to crop (just shape the bright square placed over it) and click on the Done button to save the changes. If you want to apply effects to the image, use the tools placed at the top of the page: popping one of the forms placed under the heading Round the corners can change the shape of the edges of the photo, moving the indicator can apply a drop shadow effect shading the image, check the option reflection is applied to the reflection effect to the picture, and so on. By clicking on the Preview button displays a preview of the final result .

When finished, you can save your cropped photo on your PC by clicking on the floppy disk placed at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can share the image on Facebook , Twitter or by email by clicking on the appropriate buttons below the photo. Isn’t that easy? 🙂

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Another great service through which you can cut a picture online is Pixlr, which comes with a user interface very similar to Photoshop and other photo editing software widely used in the desktop. All you need to do is connect to its home page and click on the Open button to select an image from your computer to crop the photo .

At this point, select the Crop tool from the toolbar located on the left side of the screen and use the mouse to select the area to crop the image. Next, press the Enter key on your computer keyboard and you’re done.

Now you only have to save your cropped image on the PC by selecting Save from the File menu in Pixlr. Select the format for the file (example, JPEG) from the drop- down menu, type a name for the file in the Name field and click OK to start the download.

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