How to delete your Facebook profile from Google

Did you look for your name on Google (or another search engine) and you found the link to your Facebook profile? Nothing alarming, it’s a Facebook’s esclusive feature that’s automatically enabled on all profiles, but luckily it can be turned off in a few clicks.

Let me explain first what it is. Facebook is a social network free for all, where everyone can search for people and do not need to be registered. They only need to visit this page which contains the full list of people registered on Facebook. They’ll see the whole list, full of the names of those who have chosen to enable the public search settings.

On Facebook, you can choose to not appear in external search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, but you cannot choose to hide your data from the results of the site. In other words, any registered user can always find you by typing your name in the search bar of the site. You can , however, choose not to find yourselves out of Facebook.


How can you remove the profile from the Google search results? To make sure that Google and other external sources don’t fit your profile among their results just visit this page and deselect the option “let other search engines link to your timeline.”


In this way, Facebook will say to the external search engines not to record public informations of your profile. The effect of this setting, unfortunately, won’t be immediate: everything it’s up to the scanning speed of the SEO, which will have to go back to the index page of your profile to understand that it is “gone” (no longer visible to the bot). All of that could take many days, or weeks.

If I leave active the option what can the search engines see? The only things visible to the search engines are some of the public informations. In particular, the cover, the profile picture and contact informations ( only if set to Public Policy: Read how to limit visibility on Facebook).