How to discover password under asterisks

Mistakenly you think that having a good password that no one knows is enough to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Unfortunately, however, finding passwords on Facebook is not at all difficult, but it only takes a few tricks, tips and settings to be safe.
Today I show you how easy is to discover the passwords hidden under asterisks symbols, without using software or applications, but only by using tools available in major browsers. I will show you the steps to reveal any password saved in a browser, especially on Google Chrome.


The following instructions are for the Google Chrome browser but the same tool is available on the main browser.

1. First, open your browser and visit Facebook, if the password is saved on the browser you will find the field completed by asterisks or dots blacks, a security measure implemented by all browsers to not leave the password visible in the clear.

2. To be able to discover the characters that lie behind the shot blacks click on the box “password” with the right mouse button and choose the tool “inspect element”.


3. Chrome will open a window with the code of the web page, click on the selected area with the right mouse button and choose “Edit as HTML” from the menu.


4. Clear Now the field input type = “password” as a password from the word image.


5. Now click anywhere on the page to update the changes and display the password in plain text.


That’s it. This is one of many methods to steal passwords on Facebook, other methods (which make use of software) you can find them by reading the article: How to recover the password on Facebook.

How to protect yourself from password stealers on Facebook

To protect against theft of passwords, in addition to the common rules of common sense (be careful where you enter your password, attention to suspicious emails and phishing, and to whom you leave your computer) you should activate two-step verification on Facebook, the setting that allows you to add an extra level of security to your account through a code generator on your mobile.