How to edit photos online

Looking on your pictures on Instagram, did you decide to take some photos that you saved on your PC and edit them using filters and effects such as those you found in the famous smarthphones app? It’s easy, and you do not even need to install new programs on your computer.

All you need to do is open your browser and use one of the online services that I am going to suggest now. To use them you don’t need to have any special knowledge in the field of photo editing. Let’s see!

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If you want to know how to retouch photos online quickly and easily without installing any programs on your PC, the first service that you should try is PicMonkey that allows you to edit images by adjusting all the main properties (size, color , brightness, etc.). and applying many special effects. To use it, all you have to do is connect to its main page and click Edit a photo that is in the upper left side to select an image for retouching.

On the page that opens, there is a comfortable side toolbar divided into several sections: Basic edits in which there are tools to implement changes based on the file (cut, resize, adjust colors, etc.), Effects in which there are many Instagram -style effects, Touch up with the tools to eliminate skin imperfections, Text to add written to the image, Overlays where there are geometric shapes and other objects to add to your photo frames with custom frames , textures with various textures and themes with other items to add to the image organized by topics (example, zombies, vampires , etc.).

The instruments and effects identified by the icon of a crown can be used only by subscribing to pay PicMonkey. When you’re satisfied with the result, you can save your edited photo by clicking on the Save button located in the top center . On the page that opens, select the quality you want to export the photos from Roger, Pierce and Sean (low, medium or high), type the name you want to assign to the file in the File name field, choose the target format including jpg and png from the menu drop-down and click the Save button on photo to download the photos on your PC.


Another great service to retouch photos online is Pixlr -o- Matic , which offers the opportunity to enhance their images with Instagram -style effects , frames and other elements over video without installing any software on your PC. To use it, connect to its main page and click webcam to take a photo with your webcam and change “on the fly” or click on the computer button to select a photo that you already have on your PC.

Proceed then selecting the effect you want to apply to the image, simply click on one of the thumbnails that are located at the bottom right . Next, click on the forward arrow and select items to add to the photo overlay (most are lighting effects) and click again on the forward arrow to choose, if you want, a nice frame to decorate the image. When the operation is completed, click on save first and then on your computer to save the photos to your PC and you’re done.

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