How to share custom stickers on Facebook

A few months ago Facebook introduced the stickers, particular images (organized in themed packages) to be sent in chat or in messages initially only from phones and tablets, and recently also from a desktop computer. Today we tell you a big tricks, an amazing extension that lets you send custom stickers on Facebook. Not the ones that Facebook provides to everyone, we’re going to send unique stickers and those will be visibile to anyone just as the original ones; the extension we’re talking about is called Stickerforfb.

custom stickers

What does it mean to share custom stickers?

In short: share new stickers that are different than Facebook stickers! In addition to the packages of stickers that Facebook has provided everyone with Stickersforfb can have new custom packages, unpublished stickers that can be sent only through the extension. Your friends will receive them just like regular stickers, and display them on their computer ,on phone or tablet and can’t figure out how to have them sent.

The packages custom stickers are 5 right now and include Simpson and Dragon Ball. To try it you just have to download and install the extension (available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer). Open a chat conversation and click on the emoticons to open the panel extension.

BONUS: How to share stickers in comments

With one of the recent changes Facebook has added the ability to attach photos in the comments (first only on the profiles and now also for pages). Then with this feature you can send any picture in a comment, even stickers. Visit this website and download one or more stickers, then attach them in Facebook comments.

Stickers in comments