How to log out from Facebook safely

Even if the title of this article may seem trivial, you might find some interesting information. I won’t dwell on the simple procedure to log out of Facebook  even if this may sound a little bit complicated on some devices. Instead I will explain the system that regulates active sessions on Facebook, the system that allows you to disconnect any device instantly from your account. If you have accidentally left opened a Facebook page from a friend computer, or at school, at university, at work, or any device, you just need to know the informations of this article to log out and disconnect the account permanently. Obviously we’re not talking to delete or deactivate your account; here we mostly talk about of security settings that help you to be sure that no one can enter on your profile except you.

facebook-entry exit

What does it mean to log out of Facebook?

Facebook, as other many Web sites, has a system of sessions . When you log in to the website you open up a secure session with the server, this is terminated at the time you decide to log out, and this can be done in several ways.

The easiest way is to click in the upper right side on the Facebook page (or by mobile phone and tablet on the three dashes) and choose “Exit”. But what if you do not have the device with you (for example if you left Facebook opened at the home of a friend of yours)?

A second way to log out is to change the password, Facebook recognizes that open sessions do not use the new password and automatically terminates. Method impractical.

A third and best way is to use the security settings of your account. In particular, you can use the “active sessions” to understand who is using the account and terminate sessions that are not recognized.


From this page you can also find out which devices have logged in with your credentials in order to remove those not recognized.

facebook recognized devices

When you terminate a session or remove a device, the session you are connected with is terminated and anyone who tries to use Facebook (with your profile connected) will have to log in again.

 I ended sessions and removed devices that I do not know, what to do now?

For maximum safety on Facebook you just need to activate two-step verification, a new security measure that makes your profile invulnerable to anyone trying to access, even if he knows your password!