How to find out your social networks passwords

I am often contacted by people who have problems logging into Facebook or other social media websites, or who have been the victim of stolen passwords and can’t log in. The story is always similar: those who have found or stolen the password have also changed the email password connected to the social account making the recovery  really difficult.

As far as Facebook is concerned, if you can not access to your account anymore because someone has changed the password read how to recover the password using the alternatives provided by Facebook. If you can not log in to Facebook because you forgot your password, and you’ve already tried with secret question, trusted friends, phone or email, on this article you can find the secret programs to crack passwords saved on your browser in order to transform the asterisks and dots blacks in character and reveal the password.


Discover Social Networks password

To find out passwords on Facebook just use programs that show the passwords entered on the browser. One of the most famous (for Windows environments) is called Social Password Decryptor that is a powerful program that can find out the passwords of the most common social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Badoo, etc.) extrapolating them from browser installed on your system.

It works on all versions of Windows 32 and 64, it’s free and easy to install.


Another small popular program is Facebook Password Decryptor, a small free utility that allows you to discover your Facebook password from the most common browsers and messengers. It ‘easy to install and very easy to use (just press the button “Start Recovery”); this program allows you to receive a list of passwords saved on your computer in a convenient text file. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Facebook Password Decryptor -> Direct Downloads

If you use a Macintosh you don’t need to install a special software, just use the Apple Keychain (Keychain Access), which is located in the path: / Applications / Utilities / Keychain From the application you just need to search with the key “” to find the Facebook password saved on your browser.


How to protect yourself from these programs (on Facebook)

These programs could be used by someone that having access to your PC,can install them and find out your password. Luckily, Facebook has one of the best security team in the world and has included a feature that allows you to protect your account even if an attacker has discovered your password. It’s called login approval or two-step verification and is a security setting to enable to be safe. Activate it from here.

BONUS: Tips for a perfect password

A good password should be at least 8 characters, numbers, letters and punctuation marks. You should try to use a different password for every site / service, be careful not to disclose it to anyone and change it immediately if you believe someone has found it.

Change the password of the services you use the most once every three months (or, if the password is strong enough, even once every 6 months), but always pay attention to the computers and devices you enter the password, there may be programs that “steal ” them (read methods to steal passwords on Facebook for more information). Web security is never enough, see you soon!