Facebook does not work? Here’s how to solve

Like any website Facebook could also have its faults, which could be due to your computer (or device with which you connect) to your network or its server. On this article I want to rearrange the ideas and steps to take if you notice malfunctioning on Facebook.

It’s necessary, for example, to understand if the problem is common to the network or only to your computer, and then to find out the possible solutions.


Identify the problem

The first essential question to ask is, the error is common to the network or just to me? Facebook could be down ( inaccessible) due to several factors or your computer or your network may be configured incorrectly.

One of the first tests that you can do is to groped to access Facebook from various devices connected to your network, such as another computer or a mobile phone. If yours is the only device connected try to access Facebook from another browser or by using the version in the hide way (private browsing or protected) in order to understand whether the problem stems from poorly extensions or browser configurations.

If you have a problem like this ( if you can access Facebook from other browsers or devices) try to follow this guide to disable unused extensions on the browser. Further control is the use of services that allow you to check the status of the site, to see if Facebook is inaccessible only from your computer or from your entire network.facebook-down

The best service in this regard is that Downrightnow to this page allows you to monitor the accessibility of the facebook.com domain (site data are based on reports submitted by users on the site and on twitter and official announcements from the team at Facebook).

Try to access with alternative versions

If the problem occurs for the entire network the thing you can do is using alternative versions of Facebook, using different servers, and may be operated when the main website does not work.

Here they are listed:

1. http://m.facebook.com (version of Facebook for mobile phones)

2. http://touch.facebook.com (other version for mobile phones and mobile devices)

3. http://mbasic.facebook.com (version for first generation mobile )

4. http://www.o.facebook.com/ (test version similar to the beta version)

5. http://beta.facebook.com (version that uses alternate servers to test new features)

If none of these versions will work probably Facebook is having problems (due to some kind of cause) common to many users. Further evidence might slip by visiting the Facebook blog and trying to use the chat sidebar on the right (if no friend is offline you confirm that access problems are common).


Problems related to your network

Facebook may not work for network issues. Access may have been blocked by your system administrator or you may have a device that is not configured correctly. If Facebook is the only site to present problems and if you are certain that no one has blocked access as a last resort you could try changing the DNS.

To change the DNS must open the properties of the connection you are using (or network card). Here you will find a detailed guide for Windows / Mac to change the current DNS with those of OpenDNS. ( – you can also use the DSN Google with this guide. The DNS can be changed on any device (even on phones or tablets, you search on google a guide for your device).