Free Dekstop Wallpapers

Would you like to change a bit ‘ the look of your desktop with a newer wallpaper but you do not where to find nice and beautiful wallpapers?

Here there are the addresses of some websites dedicated to the free desktop wallpapers that are waiting to get in your bookmarks. Regardless by your tastes or by the type of your PC screen , in them you will definitely find what you need .

Come on, do not waste any time and starts to choose from hundreds of wallpapers created by some of the best digital artists in the world who will end up straight on your computer !

One of the best websites dedicated to free desktop wallpapers is DeviantArt , which not only collects drawings but also icons, wallpaper , desktop themes , prints and everything related to the world of digital art.

To browse the full list of wallpapers , connect to the Wallpapers section of the website and select one of the categories in the left sidebar : Abstractper the abstract wallpaper , HDTV & Widescreen for widescreen wallpapers , Minimalistic for minimalist images , Landscapes & Scenery to display the wallpaper landscapes and so on.

Once you have selected the kind of background that you intend to download , click on the More button which is on the left and choose the criterion by which you want to sort the image : Popular in 24 hours shows you the most downloaded wallpapers over the last day , choose Popular in 1 week to access the list of most downloaded wallpapers last week and so on. To view the list of the most popular images ever on DeviantArt , just click on the heading Popular All Time .

When you find a background you like, click on the first thumbnail and then click the Download button located on the right ( the page that opens ) to download it to your PC. If you do not see the button , simply right click on the wallpaper and go for Save Picture As from the menu that appears.


Another website dedicated to free desktop wallpapers is Picky Wallpapers it is home to not only the wallpaper for computer backgrounds but also optimized for smartphones and tablets . Unfortunately it is not updated very often but inside you can still find a lot of interesting pictures.

To browse the collection of Picky Wallpapers connect to the home page and click on the image on one of the categories of wallpaper available. There are a lot of categories situated there.

When you find a wallpaper you like, to download it to your PC you have to click on its thumbnail and select one of the resolutions listed in the sidebar on the right ( eg, 1920 × 1200 , 1280 × 1024) . Each background is declined in versions for widescreen display with HD resolution , 4:3 display , smartphones and tablets.

You can also view the wallpapers based on the destination device , first click on one of the brands listed at the top of the screen (eg, Apple, Samsung, HTC ) and then the name of a phone or a tablet. In addition, we point out that some categories of wallpapers are also sub- categories ( subcategories ) that allow you to filter even more listed images .


If you do not try any of the desktop wallpapers free but real digital artwork , take a look at Desktopography. It is a collection of wallpapers curated by art director Pete Harrison, who collects the best work carried out each year by the artists of the digital world and publish them into collections called exhibition.

To download them to your PC , choose one of the annual exhibition from the drop- down menu located at the top right of the home page and click on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you prefer. Next, click the Download button and select one of the available resolution in the dropdown menu that appears.

I suggest , finally, to check out what’s on Wallpaperpin which is characterized by a very beatufil graphics and a good assortment of backgrounds. To browse through the wallpapers available on the site , use the buttons Popular ( to view the most downloaded images ) and Surprise me ( to watch a selection of wallpapers randmoly chosen) .

Then , when you find a wallpaper to download, click on the first thumbnail and then on one of the resolutions listed next to Available resolution for download to start up the download.