How to hide folders

I know how you feel when someone else want to spy on what you’re doing on your PC. Everyone has curious parents! Probably you’ve never thought to hide folders and make them invisible to their eyes. Yes, I know, you do not want to hide one by one all your folders, but do not worry: I have the solution that’s right for you.

HiddenDIR is the free program for Windows that can help you to hide the folders on your PC with a simple click and hide them without having to modify the properties of each folder manually. The software does not require any installation and protects all the changes with a password. Here’s how it works.


The first step you need to take is to connect to the website and click on the Download HiddenDIR: HiddenDIR v.1.0 placed in the bottom of the page to download the program on your PC.

When the download is completed open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (HiddenDIR, extract the content in any folder and start the program HIddenDIR.exe in folder HiddenDIR v.1.0 just extracted from the archive to start HiddenDIR and access to its main screen.


In the window that opens, click the Hide button and select one by one the folders that you want to hide. Once this is done, the folders you selected will already be invisible to the eyes of friends and family meddling. Incredible, isn’t it? But there is one more step you need to do to keep your data safe.

To make HiddenDIR inaccessible to everybody who want to restore the display of personal folders, you can set a password to block access to the program by unauthorized users. To do this, click on the Password box, type the password you want to use to access HiddenDIR in the Password and Confirm Password fields and click SET PASSWORD.


If you hide folders on your PC with HIddenDIR is easy, make it visible again (for those who know the password to access the program) is just as simple. Enough, in fact, start the application HIddenDIR.exe, type the password previously set to protect the software settings and click OK. In the window that pops up, put a check mark next to the names of the folders that you want to display normally again and click Unhide them back for all to see.