How to hide your IP address

Congratulations! With your healthy obsession with computer security you have made your PC a real fort: you’ve installed all the best solutions to combat viruses and hackers, you’re attentive to the websites you visit every day … but there is a but … you have not yet thought to make your surfing more private and secure spoofing the IP address.

If you’re going to make an exception to the rule and visit sites where you think your privacy is at risk, you absolutely must rely on solutions such as Free Hide IP. It is a free program that allows you to hide the IP address of your PC and replace it with a US-based, which will give you access to many blocked sites geographically. Try it and you will become a true ninja Network!


If you want to discover how to hide IP, the first step you need to take is link to this page of the  Brothersoft website and click on the green Download button and then on one of the links on the page that opens to download the program Free Hide IP on your PC. When the download is completed open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (example FreeHideIP- and in the window that opens, click on the first of Yes and then click Next.

Therefore accepts the terms of use of the program by clicking on the I Agree button, and click on Next twice before, then on Install and Finish to complete the installation process and start Free Hide IP. During the setup, remove the check marks from the entries relating to Ask Toolbar and to prevent the installation of additional toolbar for your browser and change the home page in Internet Explorer and / or Firefox.


In the window that opens, click the Try button to access the main screen Free Hide IP . To hide your IP address and start surfing in Anonymous mode on the Web, all you need to do is click the Hide IP button (on the left ) and wait for it instead of your flag is an American flag displayed with your new IP address at the center of the window.

To ensure that your IP address is actually disguised , click Check IP info (on the right ) and check that the browser page that opens both receive the same IP address that is next to the U.S. flag in the main window of Free Hide IP .

Now you’re free to browse the internet with the highest level of privacy, but to do so you must use Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers , in fact , are not fully supported by Free Hide IP , so do not always work . Once you have finished browsing , you can return to your real IP address by clicking on the Stop Hide button placed on the left side of the main window of Free Hide IP .