How to hide secret messages in Facebook photos

Would you like to hide messages within common photos and pictures on Facebook? Posts that only someone who knows an extension (the one that I review on this article) and a secret key will be able to decipher? The trick is amazing and really easy to use.

I often talk about the privacy on Facebook, and after learning how to encrypt messages and other content today I want you to point out an extension that a lot of you will like: an extension that disguises messages within normal pictures on Facebook. Why is so different than other applications, programs or extensions? Instead of creating long and incomprehensible character strings, except with the help of a password, this extension does not have anything visible: it is just hidden!
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Hidden messages within pictures on Facebook

The extent of which I am talking about is called Secretbook and is currently only available for Google Chrome browser that several times I have recommended among others because of the large amount of available Extensions to customize Facebook.
After you have installed it (from here), go back on Facebook and reload the page (press F5 on your keyboard). At this point you can start to use it, you need 2 things: a password and a picture. The password you will need to communicate it to those who you want to allocate the secret message (maybe tell the people to come and read this article because they also need to install the extension to decrypt the message).

From the Facebook screen dial the following sequence of keys to open the composition of the image with the secret message: Ctrl + Alt + A. A window will  be open (see picture) where you need to choose an image, write a message to hide and choose a password.


By clicking on “Create and download” the program will create for you the new image (exactly identical to the human eye to the previous one) and download a new file. This is the image file to be published on Facebook (on your bulletin board, or a group, or as a secret message in the comments, chatting, etc.. Etc..). The published image will appear exactly like a common photos.

Opening it (by clicking on it) is possible to decrypt the message. Just reconstruct the sequence of keys: Ctrl + Alt + A to display the pop-up that ask you to enter the password to discover the secret message.

If the password is correct, the message will be displayed correctly.

Do you understand the power of this software? No one will notice the presence of hidden messages and only those who know the password (and installed Secretbook) can read them.