How to change DNS on Mac

After reading my guide on how to change DNS, you were able to speed up your Internet connection on your old PC. But now you’re switched to Mac and you don’t know how to accomplish the same task on the computer from Apple. How to change DNS on Mac ? No problem, I am here just for that!
If you want to discover how to change DNS on a Mac, you don’t have to do is follow the instructions which I am going to give you and in no time you’ll have fly your connection also on the system of “Apple. It will take a few clicks to complete the job, you’ll see.
 If you want to discover how to change DNS on Mac, the first step you need to do is go into system preferences (by clicking on the icon in the Dock) and select the Network item in the window that opens.
At this point, select the connection you are currently using (eg. Wi-Fi or Ethernet) from the sidebar on the left and click on the Advanced button located in the lower right corner.Proceed to the DNS tab and delete all addresses present in the DNS Server (if any), by selecting them with the mouse and clicking the-button located in the bottom left corner.
The operation is completed, click on the + button, type the address of the primary DNS server that you want to use for the connection and press the Enter key on the keyboard of the Mac. Repeat the operation for the secondary DNS server to be set on your computer and click before you OK and then click apply to save your changes.
How to change DNS mac
The server that you use to change DNS on Mac are those offered by OpenDNS and GoogleDNS. Below, find exact addresses that will be used to configure the connection to your Mac:


Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Google DNS

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

openDNSIf you choose to browse using the OpenDNS DNS servers, you can test the correct configuration of your Mac by logging in to this address. If the page that pops up you see abig orange checkmark () associated with the message “Welcome to OpenDNS!, everything went right.

Otherwise, try again the procedure to change the DNS and disable/re-enable your Internet connection.

If you choose Google DNS or other servers, you can verify the configuration of your Mac by opening a Terminal and typing nslookup commands sequentially and servers. The primaryand secondary DNS server set up on your computer will be displayed in the Default server.