How to translate

Do you speak French or Spanish pretty well but when you surf the Internet you often find yourself with words or ways of saying that you don’t understand? I think I have some advice that’s right for you.

With this guide, I want to explain how to translate online phrases, words and entire websites by exploiting some of the best services available on the web. There’s something for all your needs, then all you have to do is choose the solutions you feel are most interesting and always keep them a click away. Let’s get started!

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags

Let’s begin this online guide on how to translate phrases, words or entire Web pages with the basics, that is, from all those services that you should always have at your fingertips:

  • Google Translate – one of the most famous translation services on the Web Supports all major languages ​​of the world and allows you to translate not only single words and phrases , but also entire web pages and PDF documents loaded from the computer . Like any machine translation service, does not always provide accurate results but it’s definitely among the best in the industry. The version of Android Smartphone , it also allows for translations offline after downloading the dictionary-file (which occupy several tens of Mb) .
  • Bing Translator – one of the main alternatives to Google Translate (Microsoft license plate ). Allows you to translate web pages, words or phrases in all major world languages.
  • WordReference – one of the most accurate translation services available on the Web Instead of Google Translate and Bing , it allows you to translate phrases or entire Web pages but allows you to get to know the meaning of the foreign words, including slang or minted in recent. About the excellent forum also included in the service , through which users around the world can discuss with native speakers and language learners to know the exact translation of the words ” special “, idioms and proverbs.
  • MyMemory – it is a search engine designed to find linguistic phrases and idioms that are rarely able to translate with a traditional dictionary. It’s used to compare the translated phrase automatically with professional translations.


Do you have many foreign friends on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes you can not understand what they write? So let’s see now how to translate the posts made by other users of social networks. There is no need for any external application or service.

If you want to translate a post (or a comment) published in a foreign language on Facebook, all you have to do is click on the View translation link located under the latter and the translation, the work of Bing Translator will be displayed directly on the page of the social network.

Same thing works for Twitter. Connect with your account with the service, find the post to be translated and “expand item” clicking on the Time where you posted the message (example 18m, 2h, etc..) in the top right. This will open the page with the selected single post. Then click the View translation link located below the message and you’ll see the translation of the latter (again by Bing Translator).


Then we see how to translate entire websites , phrases or words directly from the browser without having to connect “manually” in Google Translate or similar services and , above all, without leaving the page you are reading.

To translate words or phrases contained in the Web pages with Internet Explorer, just select them, click on the blue icon that appears next to the mouse pointer and select Translate with Bing from the menu that pops up. If you want to translate an entire Web page , simply right click anywhere on the page and select Translate with Bing from the menu that appears. Easy, is not it ?

Google Chrome also includes a tool to translate Web pages in foreign languages ​​( with Google translate, of course). Just visit the page to perform the translation , wait for the bar appears at the top with a request for translation by the browser (example This page is in French. Would you like to translate it?), And click the Translate button .
To translate single words or phrases , however , you should install the extension Auto -Translate that allows you to translate any selected portion of text with the mouse by simply holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while making your selection.

If your favorite browser is Firefox , you should install TranslateMenu. This is a free extension through which it is possible to translate words / phrases selected with the mouse ( by right-clicking on them ) or entire Web pages (by right-clicking anywhere) working directly from the menu browser. Install it and you will not regret .