How YouTube Pays Video?

YouTube is one of the most important in the world of online entertainment. Now also in Italy some YouTuber have reached high levels of popularity, almost comparable to those of the stars of television, and users often wonder how to be financially supported their work online.

The questions that are most frequently made are those relating to how YouTube pays video?. Often you want to discover the ways in which they calculated the earnings of video makers who work on the platform and the steps that you must follow to enable monetization of videos on an account.

The topic is very extensive, it should be studied in more than one article. But today I will try to be too limited to doing a general overview on the roads one YouTuber can take to earn money through his videos.

Let’s start by clarifying a simple concept but fundamental: the primary means to earn on YouTube are advertisements, therefore more views you have on a video and the more revenue that it brings to its author.

To insert advertising in movies you must activate monetization on their channel, a procedure that can be completed in two ways: by asking the partnership directly to YouTube (who then cashes money from sponsors and then runs a fee at the YouTuber plugin based on the views of his videos) or by contacting the third-party network that – to put it in layman’s terms – are intermediaries between YouTube and video creators avoiding many unnecessary loss of time. But of this we will deal in a few moments.

First you should clarify How YouTube pays video, namely the criterion under which they are rewarded the YouTuber. This policy is the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and this is the amount that sponsors pay to YouTube to display their promotional message every 1000 videos. The figure varies depending on the months but making an average last year we can say that it was about 7 euros and 7 euro, lordi, cashed out every 1000 views on a video with advertising.

At this point it would be natural to ask whether all videos can be monetized and all channels can get a partnership. The answer is no. In order to make money with videos on YouTube you must abide by the rules of the portal, it is therefore necessary to post their own content with some frequency (say at least one video per week), do not insert music or snippets of copyrighted videos in their productions (unless he has permission), you don’t have to copy videos from other channels, you don’t have to publish violent or sexually explicit content etc. In short, we behave well!

Clarified these points I would say to find out in detail how to activate video monetization through official YouTube partnershipHow to get the “green light” to monetizing from Google is quite long and cumbersome, it is also for this successful third-party networks! In any case, to request a collaboration at the Colossus of Mountain View, you must link to this YouTube page, click on Requestplaced next to the term Monetization and fill in the form that opens.

Monetize YoutubeWithin three months of receiving a reply and if the channel is considered in line with the minimum requirements of YouTube (the rules of “good behavior” listed above plus the number of subscribers and views, which also play a fundamental role) goes into monetizing videos.

The earnings derived from advertising are paid on the Adsense account of the YouTuber plugin which can then redeem them once past the payment threshold provided by the service. For more information see this page of the official Adsense and the Google page that explains how to become a YouTube partner.

I’m definitely more hasty collaborative practices with the external network, which, as mentioned above, arise as intermediates between the YouTuber and YouTube “loaning” its partnership with the portal to eligible employees.

In Exchange for this as soon as possible (usually within a few days to get the partnership) must leave the 20 – 40% of the revenue derived from advertising on their videos to the network, but there are also bonuses arising from collaboration to create content more interesting and increase views.

Many network, in fact, provide access to audio tracks or other copyrighted audiovisual material for which have obtained licenses of exclusive use, promote employee videos on social networks and in some cases even provide products review in video. Not to mention the fact that they can provide assistance when you have reports for copyright or you need technical support.

There are many types of networks, both Italian and international dishes. There are some generic and other themes, such as those dedicated to gaming or directly Hangouts. The important thing is to choose a reliable and carefully consider all terms of cooperation (in particular the duration of the contract). Payments are always based on YouTube via CPM Adsense or other channels that may vary from one company to another.


To find the network more suited to your channel you can seek the services used by YouTuber best known SocialBlade exploiting: just type in the username of a YouTuber in the bar located in the upper right corner and click on theSearchbutton, that’s all. Alternatively, you can consult the list of the Top 100 network contained in this page of the same website.