How to ignore a person on Facebook

Every time you log into Facebook, do you find dozens of invitations for games and applications submitted by the same person? Is there a friend who continues to post uninteresting contents? Don’t worry, here’s the solution for your problem.

Today we will discover together how to ignore a person on Facebook avoiding the unnecessary invitations, post and notifications that can ruin the navigation on the most popular social network in the world. Let’s see!


If you’re interested to know how to ignore a person on Facebook to decline his invitation to become friends, all you have to do is to go to the page of the social network with all friend pending request and click the Delete button placed next to the name of person wishing to ” ignore.” In this way, you do not become friends on Facebook and do not know that you’ve trashed his invitation.

If you can not stand the demands relating to games, apps or pages that one of your friends sends you daily on Facebook, you can remedy in this way: open the App Center by clicking on the icon in the sidebar of Facebook, select Requests that is located at the bottom left of the page.

Click on the x placed next to the invitation of the person you want to ” ignore” from now o , select the item you want to ignore all requests from [name of person]? in the box that appears and you’re done . You will not receive annoying notifications from your friend!


Do you want to ignore a person on the Facebook chat? You can do this too. Or rather, you can make sure that your friend (or girlfriend) can’t “see” when you are online.

How is it done? Nothing could be simpler. Click the gear icon located in the lower right sidebar of Facebook and select the Advanced Settings item from the menu that appears. In the box that opens, put a check mark next to Turn on chat for all friends except…, type the name of the person (or people) who always appear offline in the text field below and click the Save button to complete the operation.


Do you want to quit to view posts by a person on Facebook without removing him from the list of friends? Then try any message, photo or video posted by the latter, click the gray arrow located at the top right and select the item I do not want to see this content from the menu that appears.

Next, click on the link Hide all posts by [name of person] that appears in place of the deleted content and you’re done. Did you change your mind? You can restore the display of content blocked by placing the mouse pointer over the news item placed in the sidebar of Facebook, clicking the pencil icon that appears on the left and selecting Edit Settings from the menu. In the box, click on x placed next to the name of the person you had decided to “ignore” and click Save to restore its contents in the main page.

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