How to investigate a person online

Is there a person who bothers you via email and would like to find out some more information about her? Did you find a telephone number pinned on the agenda, you can not remember who it belongs to and would like to go back to his identity? With the right tools, you can do it.

Today, I will explain briefly how to investigate a person on the Internet using some online tools that allow you to use e-mail addresses, phone numbers or simple names to trace other information. I beg you, use them with extreme caution and only for lawful purposes. I do not take any responsibility in this regard!


If you want to know how to investigate a person on the Internet starting from his email address, my advice is to take advantage of this important data to flush out the social profiles associated with it. How is it done? Just use Rapportive , a great free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that integrates into Gmail and allows you to discover all the profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn associated with a particular email address.

To inquire about a person using Rapportive , all you have to do is install the extension on your PC, open Gmail and start composing a new email. At this point, type the email address of the person to be searched in the To: field and wait for the right hand side bar appear all the contact information.

If everything goes in the right direction, Rapportive will find all the social profiles on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ associated with the email address entered . In this way, you can discover a lot of new information about the person you want to find online.


If you do not know the email address of the person you want to investigate , you can groped luck and use Rapportive to find his address. The possible combinations to try to locate the e-mail are just so many (name +,,, etc. . ) But with the immediate feedback Rapportive the mission is not impossible.

Do you need to investigate a person on the Internet knowing only his name? In this case, the work gets even more complicated, but you can make use of various tools online that can help you find information quickly:

  • Pipl -a free online service that gathers all the information , pictures and videos available on social networks and Internet sites to rebuild , or groped to reconstruct the online identity of someone.
  • Facebook – the most popular social network in the world. If a person “exists” on the Internet, it definitely has a Facebook profile in its name .
  • Google – sometimes looking for the name of a person on Google in quotes (example “John Doe” ) is able to obtain very valuable info.

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Are you interested to investigate a person on the Internet starting from his phone number? In this case I can not promise results particularly accurate or reliable at 100%, but I suggest you take a look at the following service:

Whooming – a free online service that lets you discover private numbers and anonymous using the technique of call forwarding . Using it, you can discover the real details of who is calling you with the anonymous and from this information to find more information about this person.