Know who blocked you on Facebook

All of a sudden you do not find anymore a person in your friends list; or you try to visit her timeline and you find the 404 error of Facebook, the figure of the like with bandaged thumb: “Unfortunately, this page is not available. It is possible that the link you followed is corrupt or that the page no longer exists. “

What is it, what does it mean? The person is gone from disabling or deleting her Facebook profile or has blocked you? I have already block-person-facebookmentioned 4 ways to find out who has blocked you and today I’ll explain a new one, even easier and faster.

If visiting a profile you can not see it, or if you can not find a person on Facebook, the reasons could be 3:

  • Your friend has blocked you.
  • The friend has deleted his profile.
  • The account of the person has been disabled (by him / her directly or by Facebook following a violation of the Rules).

To exclude the points two and three just use this new trick.


How to understand if a person has blocked you on Facebook

All you need to know is the username of the person on Facebook. The username is the final part of the URL when you visit the profile. You can for example see your username visiting the URL and checking the final part, which in most cases is firstname.lastname.

You’ll ask, but how do I find out the URL of the person if I can not see the profile? If the person has blocked you (or it’s been deleted from Facebook ) only since a few days you will surely find the person by searching the name on the search bar at the top of Facebook , the search results are in fact put in a temporary cache in order to return faster results , and you should then be able to find the URL of the profile and take the username. Other methods? Just look for the profile name on Google ( if the person has not removed the listing by search engines ).


The instrument that must be used to determine if a user is deleted (or has disabled profile) from Facebook can be found at:
It ‘ s a tool that can be used to obtain information on a profile, or any other element of Facebook.
How to use it ? Just enter the username , or the URL of the profile to check (example ) and change the www with the word graph ( ) .
If your profile is deactivated or deleted the answer you will get will be something like this:


If the profile is up and running (and so you have been blocked) you will get a response like this:


If thanks to this article you found that a friend / girlfriend has blocked or removed you from the friends list, you should not worry about it. If that person has decided to block you, he will have its reasons which should not interfere with your friendship in real life. Facebook is just a social network, a virtual place to stay in touch, do not let Facebook ruin a friendship or a relationship.