How to lock a website on Google Chrome

You’ve chosen to use Google Chrome as your default browser on your computer, but now you have the need to block access to certain sites but don’t you know how to do it? You can take advantage of a powerful (but simple) extension called TinyFilter.

TinyFilter is an add-on for Google Chrome that, once installed, allows the disabling of any Internet site access, social network or Web application in two simple clicks. It doesn’t slow down browsing and has a password protection system that prevents unauthorized changes to its settings. Here’s how to block a site with Google Chrome.

block website

All you need to do to find out how to block a site with Chrome is connect to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension TinyFilter in your browser clicking the ADD button located at the top right.

Done! Now you can block any website, and prevent the access in Chrome simply by connecting it and clicking on the TinyFilter placed in the upper right toolbar of the browser. Then select the voice Block this site from the menu and confirm your choice by clicking the OK button.

After you’ve blocked a site in Chrome, when you try to visit it displays a blank page with the inscription This page is unavailable to two policy restrictions in the center. The access to the site can only be restored by accessing the settings TinyFilter clicking on the extension icon and selecting Options from the menu that pops up.


To unblock a site after it has been stuck with TinyFilter, we only have to access the settings of the add-on, expand the panel Blocked sites on the page and click on the [x] button located next to the address of the site to unlock (example,

If you want to prevent that after blocking a site someone can change the Chrome extension settings and disable the restrictions placed, you can protect the control panel add-on with a password. To do this, put the check mark next to Enable Password Protection and click Set Password.

In the previous window, type the password you want to prevent access to TinyFilter and click OK. Confirm password by retyping it and save the settings before clicking on OK two more times in a row, and click Save (bottom right).