How to make Google Chrome faster

Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the market today, one of the fastest when loading web pages, but that does not mean it’s perfect. With a few tips you can make it a more convenient and faster browsing experience with the browser from Google, and I’ll tell you how to do today.

I do not promise miracles, is well understood, but if you follow the directions I’m going to tell you, you can really speed up Google Chrome. Let’s see!


To speed up Google Chrome in practical terms, you just need to install an extension: FastestChrome.

As its name suggests quite easily, FastestChrome is an extension that allows you to make faster Internet browsing with Chrome through a series of tools and “corrections” made ​​to the automatic Internet sites.

Some examples? Automatically loads next pages of Google search and other Internet sites into a single, continuous page scrolling (no need to click Back and Forward), look up definitions of highlighted words with the mouse with just one click, allows you to search for a term or phrase on multiple search engines simply by highlighting it with the mouse, making it clickable web addresses written as plain text, showing related searches on Google, Wikipedia and much more.

To install it, you just have to connect to that page at the Chrome Web Store dedicated to it and click on the Add button twice in a row. To adjust the settings, however, you have to click on the Menu button in Chrome (the one with the dashes which is located at the top right), select Tools > Extensions from the menu that appears and click the Options link located under the icon of Fastest Chrome.


A very effective way to speed up Google Chrome in loading Web pages is to disable automatic loading of plugins, such as Flash Player on certain sites that can weigh up substantially navigation.

How can I do this? Don’t you want to uninstall Flash Player? You don’t have to do it! Chrome integrates a very useful feature called click to play that allows you to disable automatic loading of plugins (not to be confused with extensions) but necessary to reactivate the desired pages simply by clicking on the video, game or web application to perform.

If you want to activate this function in your Chrome, you have to click on the Menu button on the browser (the one with the dashes which is located in the upper right corner) and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, expand the Show Advanced Settings and click the Settings button content. Finally, place a check mark next to the item click to play (under the heading Plug-in) and you’re done .

From this moment, every time that there will be an element in Flash or Java Web pages you ‘ve got to tell the browser to load it by clicking on the box. No outside will be more loaded automatically and this will speed up a lot your online browsing.


In addition to the Internet navigation, also known slowdowns in the practical use of Chrome (opening the browser, in the transition from one tab to another, etc.)? Then maybe it’s time to revisit the park extensions and remove add-ons that you do not use very often.

Install too many extensions or bad extensions (there are so many) can adversely affect the overall performance of Chrome, so if you notice a general slowdown in the browser you should eliminate some or override settings you use with other better.