How to make a PDF from a word file online

Do you wanna convert a word file into a PDF? Don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry! There are many free online services that allow you to transform y our Word documents into PDF files. These instruments are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems that do not require a software or plugins. Let’s see how you can turn a Word file into PDF using them online.


If you are looking for a solution on how to turn a Word file into PDF online, the first service that you should try is Go4Convert, which allows you to convert PDF files not only DOC and DOCX Word documents but also RTF, TXT simple texts in, DJVU and many other file formats. Using it is really easy.

All you need to do is to connect to the main page of Go4Convert, click on the red button Choose file that is located on the right and select the Word document to be transformed into PDF. Within a few seconds, the file is processed, converted and downloaded automatically to your PC in PDF format.

The service works on all major browsers and operating systems without the need for recordings or software. There is no weight limit for uploading documents to convert.


Another great service that you can use to turn a Word file into PDF online is Fileminx. It is a universal converter that can convert documents, photos, videos and music to and from all major file formats. How is it used? Nothing could be easier.

Connect to the main page of the service, click the Choose File button/Browse to select the Word file to be converted to PDF and carry in the procedure by clicking on Continue. On the page that opens, select the PDF icon, wait a few seconds to begin the conversion of the document and click on the name of the PDF file generated by Fileminx to download it on your PC.

The site is able to convert both traditional documents DOC DOCX introduced in recent versions of Microsoft Office. There are no weight limits for uploading and there is no obligation to subscribe to the service.

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