How to connect Facebook with Skype


Today we talk about how to connect Facebook with another internet service: Skype. The most popular free VoIP software and instant messaging has been acquired by Microsoft, that has decided to integrate it as much as possible with its partner Facebook. Since the latest version Skype can be connected with Facebook in order to be […]

How to rotate a video on Facebook


Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook? Did you ever realize that after uploading it the video is upside down o rotated of 90 degrees? Don’t worry! Here you can find the solution for your problem! Now Facebook allows you to rotate a video without you have to upload it again. If you do […]

How to chat on Facebook from any website


Is it possible to chat on Facebook from another website or you’re forced to stay connected on Would not it be nice to keep chatting even when you go on other sites? On this article I’ll explain how to do it. Chatting on Facebook is very easy: just connect on and use the […]

Extract pictures from a YouTube video


Would you like to extract a frame from the latest music video from your favorite artist or the climactic scene of a movie? If the videos are hosted on YouTube, you can succeed in an incredibly easy and fast way. All you need to do is to follow the steps that I am going to […]

How to find out your social networks passwords


I am often contacted by people who have problems logging into Facebook or other social media websites, or who have been the victim of stolen passwords and can’t log in. The story is always similar: those who have found or stolen the password have also changed the email password connected to the social account making […]

How to recover the password on Facebook


In order to change the password on Facebook you should know the previous one and if you’ve lost it you have to use some alternative methods that today I’ll tell you about in this new article. This article is NOT written to encourage illegal activities. So I hope none of you will use the programs […]

Images and photos meme generator


In this article you will find various sites and resources that allow you to create funny and viral pictures to post on Facebook or any other site and social network on the web. The memes are really famous on the web. Hundreds of pages on Facebook publish each day new memes and rage faces with […]

How to get all news from a Facebook page

Like buttons

On Facebook we’re used to follow news published by friends, pages or people not friends (with the follow button). For the first we just have to send a friend request and wait to receive confirmation (in the meantime receiving public updates) for the second we just click on the button “like”. Once you click the […]

How to select all friends in one click on Facebook

Select all friends

One of the most Popular trick on Facebook is the one that allows you to select all your friends in one click when sending invitations to events, or suggestions to “like” pages. With this trick you can configure a bookmarkelt on your browser (a bookmark that contains a javascript code) that once clicked will select […]

How to find your router IP address

Router address

You need to access to the configuration panel of your router to open the doors for uTorrent, for example, but when you type the standard router address you can not log into the device? Do not worry, apparently the address of your router is different from what you just used, but it takes no […]