How To lock Facebook on Windows and Mac

Lock Facebook

Is it possible to prevent access to Facebook, or lock it from a browser or from a network? How to allow one or more computers to surf the web but not on Facebook? Social networks and Facebook in the first place often cause distractions in work or study places. On Facebook, many people spend hours without even […]

How to customize a link on Facebook


Did you know you can customize a Facebook link before you publish it? It’s possible to change the title, description, and also the image displayed as a thumbnail. Customizing a link makes the difference between getting a few clicks and visibility, and make content viral. No doubt that thanks to a title, a description and a […]

How to quickly enlarge your photos on Facebook


The Facebook photos are the type of content that generates greater visibility and virality. They are beautiful to see and easily attract likes, comments and shares; they’re therefore the most important content used by pages and profiles. Let’s see today some extensions that on one side allow you to enlarge any image on Facebook and on […]

How to customize Facebook at the most using Google Chrome

fabulous- customize

If Facebook in recent years has crushed the competition in the field of social networks, in browsers competition we can do a “comparison” with the software Google Chrome, which in a short time managed to establish itself as number one browser in the world with approximately 50% share. In addition of being lightweight, safe and fast Chrome has […]

How to write in blue on Facebook

Facebook blue

One of the most particular trick about Facebook is the custom tag, or the ability to write in blue and tag pages with arbitrary text, or write only in blue and not tag any profile or page. After the introduction of the hashtag, Facebook seems to have stopped the possibility to write in blue. All methods have been […]

How to share custom stickers on Facebook

custom stickers

A few months ago Facebook introduced the stickers, particular images (organized in themed packages) to be sent in chat or in messages initially only from phones and tablets, and recently also from a desktop computer. Today we tell you a big tricks, an amazing extension that lets you send custom stickers on Facebook. Not the ones that Facebook […]

How to log out from Facebook safely

facebook-entry exit

Even if the title of this article may seem trivial, you might find some interesting information. I won’t dwell on the simple procedure to log out of Facebook  even if this may sound a little bit complicated on some devices. Instead I will explain the system that regulates active sessions on Facebook, the system that allows you to […]

How to check your ADSL speed

Check you adsl speed

Do you want to know your effective ADSL speed? What is the speed in your subscription contract? Have you ever checked it? Follow the instructions in this guide and learn how to check ADSL speed. I’ll show you how to find out the actual speed of your Internet connection in both download and upload. Let’s start […]

How to create custom Facebook covers


The cover image is the most important image on the timeline. It’s the first visual element that gets noticed (along with the profile picture) when you visit a timeline or a page on Facebook. For this reason it is the most important thing to customize and make unique. The Rules of Facebook in this regard […]

How to see pending friend requests that you sent


When you send a friend request on Facebook, you have to wait until the other person agrees to the request to virtually “formalize” the friendship on Facebook. In the meantime, you receive public updates from that person, if he has activated the follow button; if the person accepts your request joins your list of friends, […]