How to print labels

Do you need to print labels for some parcels to be sent or any binders that you have in the office, but you do not want to spend money to buy a printer ad hoc? Not a problem. If you have a Windows PC and a few sheets of adhesive paper, you can get your labels using any standard printer.

All you need to do is turn to Avery DesignPro Light, a free program that allows you to create and print labels of all kinds in a very simple way. It allows you to realize not only address labels but also for CD and DVD labels, titles, stickers folders and much more. Here’s how to print labels using it.


If you want to learn how to print labels, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Internet site of Avery DesignPro Light and click on the blue button Download. In the window that opens, fill in the form that will be proposed by typing your name and your email address, put a check mark next to the item No (not to receive promotional newsletters) and click the Submit button to download the program on your PCs.

When the download is completed open the file you just downloaded (example EU_en_DP5_DL_20100525.exe) and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.


To print labels with Avery DesignPro Light , you have to start the program via its shortcut on the Windows Start menu and start creating a new project by clicking on the blank sheet of paper placed on the top left .

In the window that opens, select the type of label you want to create (example, identification labels , Labels multimedia , etc. . ) from the Format drop-down menu , select the specific type of label to be printed ( example, address labels Mini ) from the box below and click on the OK button to give life to your label .

At this point, you have to use the buttons in the toolbar of the program ( the left sidebar ) to create the basic model of your label and decide the number of labels to make / print. To customize your labels you can choose to place them in images, text , geometric shapes, barcodes , and other elements available on the toolbar of Avery DesignPro Light.


Once you have created the base model, you can set the number of labels to print by clicking on the white sheet present in the status bar of the software, next to the tabs, and Label Matrix 1. Every time you click on that icon will create a new label to be printed.

To change the labels created individually and add to them the details differ from those present in the original model (example, the address or the titles of movies, games, etc..), Select the tabs Label 1 Label 2, Label 3, etc.. from the status bar of Avery DesignPro Light and follow the changes using the same procedure as seen before for the “matrix”.

When the operation is completed, click the Print button in the toolbar of this program and will begin printing your labels on a sheet of adhesive paper. Is that easy?