How to quickly enlarge your photos on Facebook

The Facebook photos are the type of content that generates greater visibility and virality. They are beautiful to see and easily attract likes, comments and shares; they’re therefore the most important content used by pages and profiles. Let’s see today some extensions that on one side allow you to enlarge any image on Facebook and on the otherside let you save a lot of time.
I point out solutions for the major browsers that allow you to enlarge photo on Facebook by passing on the mouse and I’ll explain you how to enlarge the photo in full screen.
How to enlarge photos on Facebook
The best and most popular extension to enlarge pictures on Facebook when you hover the mouse is called Photo Zoom for Facebook and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It ‘s a simple extension that allows you to enlarge the picture on the computer screen to the simple passage of the mouse; there’s no need to click on the photo to open the classic display of Facebook, in this way you save a couple of seconds to enlarge pictures (added to all the photos that we open every day it gets a lot of time).
If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can install Facebook Photo Zoom here, but if you are using Apple Safari visit this page and scroll down until you find the extension to add. For Firefox click here and install the add-in and if you use Opera you can find the extension here.
View photos in full screen
In addition you can enlarge photos in full-screen (since more than a year), by opening them on Facebook and clicking on the icon on the upper right corner (see the picture below).
Clicking on it you can zoom in the photo in full screen, and then display it to the maximum extent possible and to the best resolution available.