How to recover the password on Facebook

In order to change the password on Facebook you should know the previous one and if you’ve lost it you have to use some alternative methods that today I’ll tell you about in this new article. This article is NOT written to encourage illegal activities. So I hope none of you will use the programs reported here to try to find out someone else password.

On this guide I will point out the programs for Windows or Macintosh that allow you to reveal the password saved on the browsers and will explain the procedure to recover the password on Facebook if it is not saved on your browser.


How to recover passwords saved in the browser

If you ask the browser to remember the password when you have logged in to Facebook, and if you have not asked to remove it, then this should be saved through the contents of your computer. All modern browsers allow you to save passwords for sites so as to help us with a fast and easy access.

These passwords are stored in encrypted form on your computer and you need to use a software to decipher them.

One of the programs that you can use on Windows is called Facebook Password Decryptor, a small powerful utility that can find out all the passwords saved on the browsers while accessing Facebook. The program works with all versions of Windows (32 or 64bit) and it supports a list of 12 browsers such as should be yours too. All you have to do is to install, open the program and click on “Start Recovery”. As soon as the procedure is completed click on “Show Password” to reveal the password in clear text.

Download Facebook Password Decryptor

Another program, more generic, which you can use on Windows is WebBrowserPassView. It works with the most common browsers and allows you to discover the saved passwords of any service, Facebook but also Gmail, Google, Twitter etc..

Download WebBrowserPassView

To recover the password on a Mac you do not need to install a special software, just use the Apple Keychain (Keychain Access), which is the path: / Applications / Utilities / Keychain

This application allows you to see all the saved passwords on sites, then you can just search using the key “” to find the password of your account.

I do not remember the password and it’s not saved on the browser, how do I change it?

If the previous solutions did not help you to find your password please use the password recovery tool for Facebook. From the login screen click on “Forgot my password” (direct link) and follow the instructions to recover / change the password with the email or phone.

How do I protect myself if someone finds out my password?

If you fear that someone might use the programs reported on this article to find out your password and enter into your profile do not worry, just activate the login approvals from your account settings (here). In this way, in addition to the password to log in to your account from unknown devices and browsers Facebook will ask you to enter a secret code.