How to see your sent friend requests on Facebook

Have you forgotten to whom you sent a friend request on Facebook? Would you like to cancel all requests? Nothing could be simpler. Facebook has finally made ​​available to anyone the list and there’s no longer need to use tricks or special applications.

Although the previous tricks are still functioning (with an application or using Facebook Mobile for example) this new method is much simpler, because is integrated between the functions of Facebook. Facebook that until now did not allow (for whatever reason) to get the list of sent requests (in addition to those received) has changed his mind.


How to view the list of sent friend requests 
To see the list of sent requests login with your Facebook account and click on the classic menu in the upper left (or right friend-request-facebookdepending on the version). You’ll see that the friend requests and a list of people who (think Facebook) you may know. In the bottom of the list click on the “show all”.
So you’ll see the classic list of friend requests. Then click on the new link “View requests sent” to get the list you’ve been waiting for.

For your convenience, if you want to skip all the steps, here is the direct link to the list: CLICK HERE to see the complete list of requests sent on Facebook.


How to cancel a request sent
Cancel-friend-requestTo cancel a pending request just visit the person’s profile and move the cursor on the “Friend request sent”. From the items on the menu choose “Cancel Request”. Beware though the block, no more answers to the same user requests might suggest that Facebook does not really know that person and may trigger a block on your account for 30 days.

Remember that when you request someone’s friendship is activated automatically receive updates of the public person, just like the function follow (see how the follow button for details).

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