5 strategies to increase likes and comments on Facebook

It’s really important to increase likes (for pages) and friends (for those who want greater visibility) but it’s also important to involve the people who follow us. A very good indicator (for pages) in this regard is the “number of people talking about this“, the number of users who create stories about the page.

Both for pages and for friends the post visibility represents only a small part (about 10%) of the potential scope, therefore a page withstrategies-facebook 10,000 fans it reaches on average only 1,000. Today we talk about how to increase this number by adjusting the engagement rate.

The more comments and like you receive the better it is for you, the question is: how do I get more comments and like? What motivates users to stop and read our posts and drop feedback? Today we talk about some strategies to increase their like and comments on Facebook.

1. The hangman strategy 

Hangman is a game for two players, one chooses a word and the other one must try to guess it. In the case of Facebook you have two parties: you and the fans of your page (or your friends).

It works like this: you choose a word or phrase and you publish removing some consonants and / or vowels. Then you asks fans (or friends) to guess the word and wonders (mostly) I like to click to reveal new letters (eg: a new letter every 100 likes).

In this way, users will comment to try to guess or click I like for curiosity. They will return to also check the post to discover new letters! For each comment, like and visit the Facebook page or post will increase the visibility of the page!

2. The obvious choice

The strategy of the obvious choice (or “false choice”) takes the user to choose between several actions, such as clicking on “like”, comment, or sharing (see picture for a classic example).

More is the picture funny more this strategy works, you will be surprised by the feedback received.

bovious- choice

3. The fact of the moment

This strategy is based on publish something (like a status update) on a topical issue. The more the topic is current the greater is  the stimulus to discussion among users.

For example, a status update on an import song Festival or a question about a story of which there is much talking in the media.

Also, the more the topic is inherent to the page more the users will comment or click like. For example, even a simple “Do you also have trouble accessing Facebook today?” is able to provide good visibility.

4. Quiz or Test

Another strategy is to publish quizzes or tests. I found a lot around the web, customize them or adapt them to your page as you wish.

Quizzes that are “going around Facebook” virally, will be shared and will receive hundreds of comments, even after several months of initial publication.

5. The strategy of the obvious

The last one strategy is to leverage an obvious answer or one depicted as almost certain: example, “if you’re an animal lover, click like and share”.

More the content is inherent in the topics covered by the page more this strategy will work (think of the previous example of a page that talks about animals) and, although it is suitable for a young target, can give good results on any page.

Good luck to all of you on your pages or on your profiles.