How to surf anonumously on Google Chrome

You are a person who cares about privacy. You’ve chosen Google Chrome as the default browser for its convenient incognito mode, which lets you surf the web without leaving a trace on the PC, but now you want something more advanced. Would you like to surf online without being identified or tracked by anyone?

You only have to configure a few things within the system settings,so let’s start to see step by step what you need to do.


If you want to find out how anonymously surf with Chrome, the first step you need to take is to download the software Tor/Vidalia on your computer. If you’ve never heard about Tor, this is a network that makes impossible to identify your PC by ” bouncing ” the connection of various computers around the world. Enables you to bypass regional restrictions and censorship imposed on the Internet in various countries.

To download it to your PC, connect to this website, and click Download Tor Browser Bundle. When the download is completed open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (example, tor – browser – 2.3.25 – 2_en.exe) and extract the program files into a folder of your choice before clicking on … ( to choose the directory destination), and then click Extract.

When the procedure is completed, go to the folder where you have decided to extract Tor+Vidalia and start the program vidalia.exe which is located inside the sub-folder App. If you get an error message, do not worry and indicates to the program where the application  tor.exe is located before clicking on Settings and then click the Browse button located under the heading Start Tor when Vidalia starts. The path to the program tor.exe is [folder where you extracted Tor Vidalia+]/App.

Now click the Start button and wait for it to connect you to the private network of Tor, should take a few seconds. If a warning Windows Firewall appear, click Allow to continue.


At this point, you are connected to the private network of Tor…but Chrome doesn’t know it! For anonymously surf with Chrome you have to start the browser, click the menu button located at the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. In the tab that opens, you must then select the Show Advanced Settings which is located at the bottom of the page and click the Edit proxy settings button.

This will open the configuration panel of the Windows network. Click the LAN Settings button (located at the bottom right), put the check mark next to Use a proxy server for your LAN and click on Advanced. In the window that opens, make sure that it is not filled in any of the text fields and set the field value as localhosts Socks and 9050 as the value of the Port field adjacent to it .

Now, click on OK to save the changes, try to connect to this Internet page with Chrome, if it is spun around in the right direction, you should see a page that warns you that you have chosen under the Tor network.

When you have finished your Private Browsing session (perhaps by using Tor coupled with Chrome’s incognito!), you must remember to stopping Vidalia Tor by clicking the Stop button and reset the configuration to default values ​​back into the Internet Changing Proxy Settings > LAN Settings and removing the check mark from the item Use a proxy server for your LAN.