How to hide folders


I know how you feel when someone else want to spy on what you’re doing on your PC. Everyone has curious parents! Probably you’ve never thought to hide folders and make them invisible to their eyes. Yes, I know, you do not want to hide one by one all your folders, but do not worry: […]

How to hide your IP address


Congratulations! With your healthy obsession with computer security you have made your PC a real fort: you’ve installed all the best solutions to combat viruses and hackers, you’re attentive to the websites you visit every day … but there is a but … you have not yet thought to make your surfing more private and […]

How to use proxy on Firefox


Do you want to visit a site that is not accessible in your country using Firefox but you don’t know how to do it? Would you like to have an easy solution, free and that does not require lengthy configurations to work? I think I got the right solutions for you. I’m talking about proxy! Proxies […]

How to surf anonymously on Firefox


Would you like to surf on the web without running the risk that someone could go back to the sites you’ve visited? Do you want to surf anonymously on the Web and hide your real IP address? If you’re using Firefox you can do both easily. The Mozilla browser can be used to navigate with […]