How to hack a website


One of the most popular topics among the internet computer is the hacking. In fact, seems like many people would like to learn how to hack a web-site, and get it down, but as you can easily imagine, we cannot give you all the sensible information about the argument. Anyway, We’ve have decided to create an […]

How to lock a website on Google Chrome

block website

You’ve chosen to use Google Chrome as your default browser on your computer, but now you have the need to block access to certain sites but don’t you know how to do it? You can take advantage of a powerful (but simple) extension called TinyFilter. TinyFilter is an add-on for Google Chrome that, once installed, […]

How to lock Facebook in your firm

block facebook

Do you have a role as a manager in a small company and do not want your employees wasting their time on Facebook? Would you like to block access to social networks from the office computer but you’re not an expert on this kind of thing you do not know how to do? This is […]

How to block a website with Firefox


When we are working but we have a PC connected to Internet, is way impossible  to resist to not surf on the web! So, watch a funny video on YouTube, chat with your friends on Facebook, you end up wasting a lot of time! If this happens to you too, we have an only way […]