Extension with emoji emoticons and symbols for Facebook


The extensions help us to improve and personalize Facebook to the best way. An example is given from that I’m presenting today: an unmissable treat for all lovers of emoticons, smileys and symbols. I speak of a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which adds official emoticons,  emoji and the main symbols into the […]

How to avoid distractions on Facebook with this extension

facebook distraction

Facebook is a continuous distraction; we open it to take a little break for a few minutes and we always end up wasting hours to browse through the newsfeed. This can be “positive” if we have some freetime we don’t know how to spend, but if it interferes with the study or the work may […]

How to lock a website on Google Chrome

block website

You’ve chosen to use Google Chrome as your default browser on your computer, but now you have the need to block access to certain sites but don’t you know how to do it? You can take advantage of a powerful (but simple) extension called TinyFilter. TinyFilter is an add-on for Google Chrome that, once installed, […]

How to make Google Chrome faster


Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the market today, one of the fastest when loading web pages, but that does not mean it’s perfect. With a few tips you can make it a more convenient and faster browsing experience with the browser from Google, and I’ll tell you how to do today. […]

How to hide secret messages in Facebook photos


Would you like to hide messages within common photos and pictures on Facebook? Posts that only someone who knows an extension (the one that I review on this article) and a secret key will be able to decipher? The trick is amazing and really easy to use. I often talk about the privacy on Facebook, […]

How to remove viruses from your Facebook account


One of the most discussed topics on this site is Facebook security. With several articles and guides I have tried to give you the best advice and tips on safety to stay away from scams, to protect the account in a better way and to understand why it is important to protect the account. In […]

How to download videos from Facebook using Chrome Firefox Safari Opera and Internet Explorer


Download a video from Facebook is not as simple as downloading a picture. A few years ago it was simple because you had a link “Download Video” under every video on Facebook but, probably for copyright reasons, they had the good idea to remove it. And that’s when  appeared on the web the first articles […]

How to encrypt messages and any other content on Facebook


Would you like to have more privacy on Facebook? Would you like to send messages and be sure that only the other user can read them? With the extension on this article you will learn how to send encrypted messages that you can read only through a password. Long time ago there was an extension […]

How to chat on Facebook from any website


Is it possible to chat on Facebook from another website or you’re forced to stay connected on facebook.com? Would not it be nice to keep chatting even when you go on other sites? On this article I’ll explain how to do it. Chatting on Facebook is very easy: just connect on facebook.com and use the […]