Recover deleted photos Android

Recover deleted photos Android

Were doing a little ‘cleaning between photos taken with your Android phone and, by mistake, you have also deleted some shots that you had to keep? Do not despair, there may be still a chance to recover. If the portion of memory that were saved your images has not been overwritten with other data, you […]

How to Cancel an Order on Amazon

cancelled order on amazon

After ordering a smartphone on Amazon you realized that he had chosen the wrong color? You ordered the birthday gift for a friend on Amazon but only after confirming the order you realized that the delivery will be done in time? Do not despair. If the goods purchased on Amazon is still in the process […]

Cancel Skype Account

How delete Skype account

Did you realize that it is now for months that no longer use Skype and would like to cancel your account from the service? The procedure for deleting the profile of Skype – perhaps as you will have noticed – not as simple as that of other online services, such as Facebook, but just follow […]