Download Windows 10 Technical Preview and Installation Guide 


At the event dedicated to enterprise, organized for September 30, 2014, Microsoft gave a taste of what will be Windows 10. At the same time announced the availability of the download of the ISO Technical Preview of Windows 10, which is the version preview of the next operating system whose release is scheduled for the […]

How to download faster


I always get a lot of messages from people asking me how to speed up the downloading of movies, music and programs from the Internet. The true is that doesn’t exist miracles, you can’t double the speed with which the files are downloaded from the Internet, but this does not mean that you can not […]

How to download free movies from internet

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Following the closure of major sites like Megaupload and Megavideo, many users have changed their online habits and found new ways to download videos, music and games from the Website. Others, less experienced, were disoriented and have not been able to find services or programs available to trust. If you are also among them, do […]

How to use uTorrent


The BitTorrent network is one of the most used P2P networks in the world, on which you can download for free and share any kind of files: video, music, applications and much more. uTorrent is probably the best torrent client available today. It is, in fact, a program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux […]

How to download music with iPhone


In addition to being a good phone and an extraordinary tool for online communication, the iPhone can also be exploited as a convenient music player. Would you like to know how to download good music on it without going through the PC? With this article I want you to find out how to download music […]

How to backup a Facebook page


Can I back up a Facebook page? Facebook provides the function for the profile (read how to backup your profile), but with the page, how do you do? You need to use an application. Facebook allows you to make a backup of the profile and save all the data such as photos,videos, friends list, messages and conversations. […]

How to backup a Facebook profile

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Facebook brings us a lot of information to share: thoughts, interests, private messages, chat conversations; Facebook knows who our friends are, their contact information, it knows our events and has all our photos and videos uploaded by us or our friends. It has a short repository of our information that you can request and download. How do […]

How to download videos from Facebook using Chrome Firefox Safari Opera and Internet Explorer


Download a video from Facebook is not as simple as downloading a picture. A few years ago it was simple because you had a link “Download Video” under every video on Facebook but, probably for copyright reasons, they had the good idea to remove it. And that’s when  appeared on the web the first articles […]