How to customize Facebook Pages with Tabs


Ever since Facebook has introduced the timeline for the pages, you can customize what are called “tabs” or “tab” and insert HTML code in them or upload any content or even use iframe and load external content. Facebook Pages are more customizable than profiles: everything you need are the right applications; it’s this that allows you to add […]

How to block game and app request from Facebook FOREVER

Facebook sea

Do you hate to receive invitations from friends to Farmville, cityville, mafia and other games and applications that you do not care nothing about? Are you tired to notice that these applications automatically post messages on your wall? Would you like to stop all this once and for all, permanently? If you use Facebook just […]

How to go invisible on Facebook chat and see who is online


Have you ever wanted to know , before you connect on Facebook and make yourself online in the chat, if that friend of yours that always contacts you is online? Or , have you ever wanted to know if the person you care about is online without necessarily having to start chatting with everyone and […]

How to backup a Facebook page


Can I back up a Facebook page? Facebook provides the function for the profile (read how to backup your profile), but with the page, how do you do? You need to use an application. Facebook allows you to make a backup of the profile and save all the data such as photos,videos, friends list, messages and conversations. […]

How to add a chat on a Facebook page


Have you ever wanted to be more connected with your fans? Have you ever wanted a chat on your Facebok page?Among the dozens of applications reported in the articles of the blog, today I’ll talk to you on how to enter a chat on a Facebook page! Today, by the “Forum For Pages” developers, we […]

How to add a contact form to a Facebook page


Facebook has provided some tools to let fan communicate with the page owners. Fans can send a message, write on the wall, comment on posts, etc. But nothing is better than a direct channel through the emails. An application allows you to add a contact form to a Facebook page. It’s called the Contact Tab […]

How to create custom Facebook covers


The cover image is the most important image on the timeline. It’s the first visual element that gets noticed (along with the profile picture) when you visit a timeline or a page on Facebook. For this reason it is the most important thing to customize and make unique. The Rules of Facebook in this regard […]