How to send emoticons in Facebook Chat


I have already spoken on several articles of emoji, dozens of new smileys and emoticons activated on Facebook a few months ago. Use them on Facebook is easy: just visit the list, copy and paste one or more symbols on Facebook . In previous articles I have explained that all the emoji work everywhere except on […]

Turn off Facebook messages seen notification


Do you think is annoying to let your friends know when you read a message on Facebook? Would you like to delete the notification when you see a message? If you don’t want your friends know when you really see a message this post will be very useful to you. As always we will lead […]

How to like and dislike things on Facebook

like and dislike

Here we go, finally you can like and dislike posts on Facebook, in fact adding emoticons and stickers with thumb up and thumb down, now you’ve got the chance even to say “hey, i don’t like it“. This will affect , comments, photos, links, or messages and chat conversations. On this article you’ll find the step […]

How to make drawings on Facebook chat


When chatting on Facebook we always use to write text messages and send pictures, but what do you think if I tell you that someone has created an extension to submit paintings? A small application to add to your browser that allows you to draw with your mouse and instantly send the drawing to your […]

How to go invisible on Facebook chat and see who is online


Have you ever wanted to know , before you connect on Facebook and make yourself online in the chat, if that friend of yours that always contacts you is online? Or , have you ever wanted to know if the person you care about is online without necessarily having to start chatting with everyone and […]

How to chat on Facebook from any website


Is it possible to chat on Facebook from another website or you’re forced to stay connected on Would not it be nice to keep chatting even when you go on other sites? On this article I’ll explain how to do it. Chatting on Facebook is very easy: just connect on and use the […]

How to share custom stickers on Facebook

custom stickers

A few months ago Facebook introduced the stickers, particular images (organized in themed packages) to be sent in chat or in messages initially only from phones and tablets, and recently also from a desktop computer. Today we tell you a big tricks, an amazing extension that lets you send custom stickers on Facebook. Not the ones that Facebook […]

How to disable chat on Facebook


The times when we used Facebook only from the computer (or from one computer) are over: we connected to the site using the chat and when the connection timed out we logged out to tell everyone that we were no longer online. Now things are a little different: with mobile phones, tablets and computers being […]