Turn off Facebook messages seen notification


Do you think is annoying to let your friends know when you read a message on Facebook? Would you like to delete the notification when you see a message? If you don’t want your friends know when you really see a message this post will be very useful to you. As always we will lead […]

How to avoid distractions on Facebook with this extension

facebook distraction

Facebook is a continuous distraction; we open it to take a little break for a few minutes and we always end up wasting hours to browse through the newsfeed. This can be “positive” if we have some freetime we don’t know how to spend, but if it interferes with the study or the work may […]

How to encrypt messages and any other content on Facebook


Would you like to have more privacy on Facebook? Would you like to send messages and be sure that only the other user can read them? With the extension on this article you will learn how to send encrypted messages that you can read only through a password. Long time ago there was an extension […]

How to chat on Facebook from any website


Is it possible to chat on Facebook from another website or you’re forced to stay connected on facebook.com? Would not it be nice to keep chatting even when you go on other sites? On this article I’ll explain how to do it. Chatting on Facebook is very easy: just connect on facebook.com and use the […]

How to quickly enlarge your photos on Facebook


The Facebook photos are the type of content that generates greater visibility and virality. They are beautiful to see and easily attract likes, comments and shares; they’re therefore the most important content used by pages and profiles. Let’s see today some extensions that on one side allow you to enlarge any image on Facebook and on […]

How to share custom stickers on Facebook

custom stickers

A few months ago Facebook introduced the stickers, particular images (organized in themed packages) to be sent in chat or in messages initially only from phones and tablets, and recently also from a desktop computer. Today we tell you a big tricks, an amazing extension that lets you send custom stickers on Facebook. Not the ones that Facebook […]