How to like and dislike things on Facebook

like and dislike

Here we go, finally you can like and dislike posts on Facebook, in fact adding emoticons and stickers with thumb up and thumb down, now you’ve got the chance even to say “hey, i don’t like it“. This will affect , comments, photos, links, or messages and chat conversations. On this article you’ll find the step […]

How to avoid distractions on Facebook with this extension

facebook distraction

Facebook is a continuous distraction; we open it to take a little break for a few minutes and we always end up wasting hours to browse through the newsfeed. This can be “positive” if we have some freetime we don’t know how to spend, but if it interferes with the study or the work may […]

Facebook Hashtags: what you need to know


Since one year, Facebook introduced the hashtags, a feature that allows you to tag any post by a keyword preceded by this sign # (#inthisway). Many people had doubts after they tried the function, especially about the privacy of these posts , doubts that we will try to clarify just now. First we can actually […]

How to change username on Facebook


Did you know that the Facebook profiles and pages have a unique address (custom URL) to be easily reached and found by the other users? I’m talking about the username, created by Facebook to personalize profiles and pages, it clearly makes them easily identifiable, either by directly accessing specific URL that you are looking for […]

How to see your sent friend requests on Facebook


Have you forgotten to whom you sent a friend request on Facebook? Would you like to cancel all requests? Nothing could be simpler. Facebook has finally made ​​available to anyone the list and there’s no longer need to use tricks or special applications. Although the previous tricks are still functioning (with an application or using […]

How to get more posts on your Facebook news feed


Do you have some friends on Facebook and you expect to see everything they publish in the news feed? Wrong! Every time you visit your Facebook news feed, the system chooses what to show to you through a complex algorithm that is constantly updated with new variables (there are more than 100.000 variables and 1500 […]

How to lock Facebook in your firm

block facebook

Do you have a role as a manager in a small company and do not want your employees wasting their time on Facebook? Would you like to block access to social networks from the office computer but you’re not an expert on this kind of thing you do not know how to do? This is […]

How to block game and app request from Facebook FOREVER

Facebook sea

Do you hate to receive invitations from friends to Farmville, cityville, mafia and other games and applications that you do not care nothing about? Are you tired to notice that these applications automatically post messages on your wall? Would you like to stop all this once and for all, permanently? If you use Facebook just […]